so grateful

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I speak for both Emilee and myself when I say that we are overwhelmed and grateful for the tremendous support and love we received after sending our launch email yesterday. We always knew we had amazing friends and family….but yesterday made us realize it even more.

A few special thank yous we’d like to share:

Thank you to our amazing designer – Nancy Rockwood – for her design of our logo, our business cards and our web template. You made our vision come to life!

Thank you to our incredible web designer and programmer – Brian Hannah – for your expertise and for creating such a beautiful website and email template…and thank you for answering all one million questions we had for you.

Thank you to Ivana, Ruth and Brandon for helping us look our best in our head shots (see the “vendors we love” post for more info on these amazing vendors!)

Cheers to new endeavors….and to all of YOU for your love and support!


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