Jenn and JJ

married June 2016

Of the hundreds of choices I made through our year of wedding planning, working with Lauren at A Perfect Pair was easily the best decision I made. She is experienced, assertive, detail oriented, and (most importantly for me) has a calming presence. I can’t recommend Lauren enough! LOVE HER!

Lyndsey and Alex

married September 2015

I cannot say enough great things about A Perfect Pair, specifically, one of the owners, Lauren! She is super organized and helped us stay on top of everything with helpful monthly “to-do” lists. She has great vendor recommendations and relationships that saved us a lot of money, time, and energy. She is also full of good ideas and advice and thought of things I would have never thought of. Thanks to Lauren, our wedding vision was perfectly executed and ran perfectly smoothly! Not only is she beyond awesome at what she does, she is an absolute pleasure to be around – our parents and our bridal party all commented on how wonderful she is. Her rates are very reasonable and definitely worth every single penny! Hiring Lauren was by far the best money we spent!

Andrea and Andy

married April 2015

I could go on and on about A Perfect Pair. Lauren served as day-of coordinator for our wedding on April 11, 2015, and everything was perfect. Truly perfect. Lauren did an amazing job working with us prior to our big day — she spent extensive time learning about our vision for the wedding and gathering every last detail. The timeline she put together for our wedding weekend was so thorough and really helped me to relax. I knew that Lauren understood every detail of our day as well as me, and so I was able to let go for the weekend and really enjoy the party my husband and I had planned. And did we ever!

Day-of, Lauren and her teamed shined. They worked seamlessly with all of our vendors — everything went off without a hitch and exactly how I had imagined. Everywhere I looked, there was Lauren or a member of her team, making sure that things were running smoothly and efficiently, and always checking in to be sure we were enjoying ourselves. I could not have asked for a better coordinator and am so glad that we invested in her services. Our day would not have been the same without her and her team and I will be forever grateful.

Natalee and Todd

married November 2014

A Perfect Pair Event Boutique was the epitome of the perfect wedding coordinator! Lauren and Emilee did an outstanding job meeting our needs. Lauren maintained clear communication throughout the process and contacted each of our vendors the week of the wedding to coordinate timing/deliveries. Trust me, brides, these are details that you can’t put a price on! Emilee was with us every step of the way and provided so much valuable input about vendors/pricing/general advice which was so helpful. The day of they were timely, charming, and attentive! There was no way we could have enjoyed ourselves as much as we did (before the wedding and the day of) had it not been for the amazing women from A Perfect Pair!

Jessica and Tim

married October 2014

It was really important to me that I would be able to enjoy my wedding day without having to think about any of the organizational pieces, so I knew from the beginning that I would want a day-of coordinator. I am so glad that I found Emilee! She met with us throughout the planning process to make sure that we were on track and on schedule with booking everything, and that we weren’t forgetting any small details (ie. ordering archival quality pens for signing our guest book/poster, no way would I have thought of that on my own).

A few weeks prior to the wedding date she took over communication with the vendors and scheduled a walk through at the site with the vendors to make sure everyone knew what to do, when and where. By the time the wedding date rolled around I was fully confident that she had everything under control. I was correct, she and her team were amazing and somehow everywhere at once! They ensured that everyone was ready and on time to the wedding, and that the venue was simultaneously being set up exactly the way I had wanted it for the reception. Once we arrived, everything during the reception went very smoothly and I was relieved to know that someone else was worrying about all the activity behind the scenes. Working with Emilee was a great experience and I would definitely highly recommend her and APP!

Morgan and Matt Shea

married May 2014

Lauren & Emilee

It been marinating in my mind how I would ever been able to thank the two of you for your love, support, laughter, guidance, and coaching through the crazy world that is wedding planning. I’m not sure I will ever been able to thank you enough or have the ability to express how exactly I feel about the two of you. A wedding was something that Matt and I really thought about not doing, it felt like too much work and way too much money. The one thing we never thought about or realized were the amazing people that we would meet on the journey. For you ladies to take time away from your families and lives to, meet with us, to sweat hauling boxes to set up and tear down, to give hugs when a venue cancels, and spend overtime looking for a new one…. just so that we could have a special day, there are no words to thank you for caring so much!! Thank you feels almost lame, but from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU, mostly for being you and making this past year such a phenomenal one for us!

Alisa Diehl and Mo Payne

married May 2013

We found Lauren and Emilee while searching for “day-of” wedding planners to handle all the details and coordination of our wedding day. Prior to finding them, we were very discouraged by the other planning companies we’d spoken to, and even considered going at it without one. After all, we’d done a lot of planning already ourselves from out of state, and considered ourselves very resourceful and organized. However, we were lucky to find Lauren and Emilee – exactly what we needed – and since then, my now-husband and I have said to each other frequently and often that hiring them was the best thing we did throughout the entire process. Even with a couple of months of perspective now, this still holds true.

Despite my self-professed strong research skills and love for lists, tabs and binders, Lauren and Emilee were more organized, more resourceful, and more knowledgeable than we could have ever been – many, many, many times over. Our intention was to hire someone who could coordinate, organize and direct all the moving parts of our wedding day, in order to allow us to be able to relax. What we got in Lauren and Emilee was that and so much more. They were on board instantly, and from that moment on, our meetings were so thorough, their questions so planned out. They literally thought of everything – and this is coming from someone who thought she’d already thought of everything. I hadn’t. They were the consummate professionals, they know the wedding business inside and out, and most importantly, they were there to navigate us through it all with an understanding of the stress that a wedding can cause, but also the joy it should ultimately be. They created the most detailed time line for our wedding day that cannot be put into words. It allowed us to be assured that nothing would be forgotten or over-looked – because they had already thought of it, and they’d thought of everything because they are true experts. Their experience was such an advantage to us, and we are so grateful for all that they did.

So, were there any regrets? Only that we didn’t hire Lauren and Emilee from day one. But we are so, so glad that we had them at all. They were the best thing we did throughout the entire process.

Allison Kaplan

married September 2012

I knew when we first started planning our wedding that we would want someone to make the day-of go smoothly. After we selected our venue, the Wit, the catering manager there recommended Emilee and from then on, I exhaled every time I knew she was handling things.

At our first meeting, Emilee was patient and understanding, and was flexible to work with us on a plan that met our budget. We knew we would do most of the research ourselves, but once the big day got there and our vendors were all ready to go, we needed a conductor. She conducted flawlessly!

Her positive attitude and take-charge personality worked amazing well the weeks leading up to the wedding and the day-of. I can honestly say that almost everything about our wedding went off without a SINGLE hitch, except for a few minor details, and we have Emilee to thank! She gets things done, but is never bossy, a trait that is admirable and highly valuable in someone helping coordinate something as stressful and multi-faceted as a wedding! I would highly recommend working with Emilee to any brides in Chicago who want a refreshing, confident, and capable coordinator.

Mary Boyle

married May 2011

From the moment we hired Lauren, my mind was at ease.  Her attention to detail was unmatched and her devotion to ensuring our day was perfect was evident by her impeccable organization. She handled all of the little details and guided many of my decisions so that I could truly just enjoy my wedding.  I honestly did not feel one moment of stress during our day–I was completely confident that Lauren had it handled…and she did!  Many of my girlfriends who have been married since our wedding always lament that they don’t have their own “Lauren” to make their day perfect.  My husband and I still comment that having Lauren as our wedding coordinator was the best wedding decision we ever made!