popping the question…to your bridal party

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Once you’ve decided on your partner, there is the entertaining task of choosing and asking your bridal party to stand up for you! It’s likely you’ve known or chosen these people long before you found Your Person, which makes this all the more special.

Now let’s be clear: This does NOT have to be an elaborate task.  Do you have a cellular device? Will you be seeing this person soon anyway? Great! Asking via phone or in person is a lovely way to connect with someone who will support you through your wedding and marriage. The asking doesn’t have to be A Thing.

If you decide you do want to kick up the flair while you’re doing the asking though, there are some rather clever options out there for asking your friends and family to honor you on your wedding day. And you guys…there are TONS of ideas. So this is going to be a three-parter!


Cheeky Notes

I am an obvious sucker for these since I’m obsessed with anchors, but I think we all have a friend to whom this statement applies.

anchor bridesmaid

This one is GENIUS, I can’t get enough

Choo Choo Choose

I mean, clearly


Friends should be honest

sexier than me

…They do say that

have to pee

…They also do say this sometimes

ugly dress

With a cherry on top?

pretty please

For those that stand up for each other

return the favor



Up next? Part 2, featuring Sweet Notes, Pretty Designs and Asking the Dudes

Followed by? Part 3, featuring Props…mostly edible!

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