Our Perfect Pairs – Andie and Will

Posted by on May 30, 2013 | 1 comment

Last Saturday, Andie and Will were married at Heritage Prairie Farm in Elburn, IL. (As I said to Lauren “This is a legit farm…”)  They were one of the calmest pairs I’ve seen, both leading up to and after their very personal and entertaining ceremony. To quote their Lady of  Honor, Thea, they really do seem to “float around in their swan boat of love.”

This wedding was extra special for me, as I have known the lovely Andie since we sang a cappella together in college and she is truly a gem. Here are a few snaps of the day!





One Comment

  1. Our wedding was awesome because you MADE it awesome! Or executed its awesomeness. My family still can’t get over the timelines — and I was so spoiled by someone else being in charge of the itinerary that I kept forgetting to check the one I’d made for our honeymoon. Some part of my brain was still saying, Emilee will let us know when we need to be at the airport. (Don’t worry, that part was overruled and we made it to our flight on time.) We love you, Perfect Pair!

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